domingo, 30 de septiembre de 2012

Thirteen (2003)

Hola, seguidores conejiles!
Aqui va otra peli que me encanta, Thirteen! La protagonista es Tracy, una chica tímida que acaba de comenzar el instituto. Alli conoce a Evie, la "chica popular", que sale con chicos, lleva pearcings y toma drogas. Poco a poco Tracy va a dejar su infancia atrás y va a dejar que Evie la lleve por un camino demasiado adulto y confuso.

Hello, dear followers!
Here there is another movie that I adore, Thirteen. It's about Tracy, a young shy girl who begins the high school. She is absolutelly impressed by Evie, the "popular girl" of the school, who hang out with boys, takes drugs and wears piearcings. Little by little Tracy is gonna live her childhood behind her and start to be friends with Evie, who is gonna lead her for a confusing and adult world.

La habeis visto? Os ha gustado? Un beso!

Have you seen it? Did you liked it? Kisses!

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I saw already this film, it's very interesting! :D
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