viernes, 6 de abril de 2012

My jewerly

Hola, seguidores conejiles!
Me habia hecho unas fotos muy monas de unos conjuntos, y soy tan patosa que las he borrado sin querer del ordenador... asi que a improvisar! Estos son los broches, anillos y pendientes que mas me pongo, espero que os gusten!

Hello, dear followers!
I took some photos of an outfit but I'm so stupid that I erased them from the computer! Sooo improvisation! Here there are the brooches, earings and rings that I wear the most, hope you like it!

Charmmy kitty earings

H&M long earings with pearls, navy ribbon and little diamond.

Heart little earings, so cute *-*

One of my best friends, Jelly, made them! I love them!

Ribbon earings from misako

Those ring are from chocomint and from random stores that made jewerly with japansese cabochons etc...

Cake from L'appartement and heart from Sweet and sour axessories

Golden ribbon from Boston and big ring from Accesories

Hello kitty, Claire's and indie handmade brand brooches

Vintage brooches, they are so beautifull *-*

Otro dia os enseñare mis pulseras, collares y accesorios para el pelo, que es lo que más uso!
Cual os gusta mas?

Another day I will show you my necklaces, hair accesories and bracelets!
Which one is your favorite?

4 comentarios:

Chiara dijo...

thnk u for your comment...i follow u...kisses

Teresa dijo...

Me encantan los broches de la mujer y de la mariposa :3

Nathalie St-Pierre Roths dijo...

You have really nice jewelry pieces.


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Natalia L. dijo...

Los de la primer foto son mis favoritos y los broches vintage! <3

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